Driving licence test slots reduced by 50% in Delhi


Delhi government’s transport department has reduced driving licence slots by 50% in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19. Despite the Delhi Transport Department has resumed driving tests at the RTOs, the reduction in the number of slots come in an attempt to avoid congestion at the RTOs.

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According to a PTI report, as many as 1,000 slots are provided for driving licence tests on a daily basis in Delhi RTOs. But in the current scenario, the number of the slots has been slashed to nearly 500.

Out of the available slots for driving tests, 50% are being reserved for the applicants who made the bookings during the lockdown and needed to reschedule.

Earlier this month, the transport department had issued an order saying that the applicants for the permanent driving licence can appear in driving tests at any of the automated test-driving tracks in the national capital. It doesn’t matter in which motor licencing office the applicant originally applied to.

While booking an appointment for a driving test online, an applicant can choose from the available slots across all the zones to finalise any automated driving test track centre where he or she would want to appear for the driving test.

Also, according to the latest order by the Delhi Transport Department, an applicant will be allowed to make an appointment for a particular category of driving licence only at a time. If the applicant to make another appointment for a different category, he or she has to apply at a later date.

The latest order has also issued a standard operating procedure for conducting the driving tests. This has been done to ensure the safety of the RTO officials and applicants as well.

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