CNG becomes costlier in this city, 14 hikes in ten months: Details here


While the government is aiming at enhanced usage of greener fuel, one of the widely used greener and alternative fuels, CNG has become costlier in Mumbai. Compressed Natural Gas or CNG in the business capital of India now costs 61.5 per kg after being increased by 3.96 per kg.

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Effective from Saturday, this latest price hike comes as the third hike in two months. Also, this year, the price of CNG has been increased 14 times in the last ten months by Mahanagar Gas Limited or MGL.

CNG is considered as one of the greener fuels as compared to petrol and diesel. Not only that, CNG is much cheaper compared to other fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel.

Considering the low cost of procurement, many autorickshaws, taxis, large commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles too shifted to CNG as prices of petrol and diesel had shot past 100 per litre mark in the city. Now the series of hikes in CNG prices are bound to affect these vehicle owners and will result in higher transportation costs.

CNG is usually cheaper than petrol and diesel by 62 per cent and 35 per cent in, respectively in Mumbai. Presently, petrol and diesel prices in the city are 109.98 a litre and 94.14 a litre respectively in the city.

Meanwhile, petrol and diesel costs remain static for 25 days straight. Since the central government reduced excise duty on both petrol and diesel, prices of these two motor fuels have remained steady.

In Delhi, petrol and diesel prices on Sunday are 103.97 a litre and 86.67 a litre respectively. Among other metro cities, in Chennai, petrol and diesel now cost 101.40 per litre and 91.42 a litre respectively. In Kolkata, the petrol price is steady at 104.67 a litre, while diesel costs 89.79 a litre.

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