Check out these retro portable cassette player from Porsche


Porsche and Niko Backspin have collaborated to design a portable cassette player in an effort to bring back the retro mode of the music player from the 70s and 80s. This limited-edition ‘Back 2 Tape’ box will come with an audiotape, a hand-painted and signed tape player and a roadbook.

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Niko Backspin who is a music journalist shared his idea of hip-hop culture that includes experiencing music through his travels. “Hip-hop is a pioneering spirit. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you believe in. Hip-hop literally gives you the stage to create something out of nothing,” he added. In April this year, Backspin and Porsche published a joint journey and cultural guide to hip-hop in Europe.

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The audio player in the boxes has been designed by Backspin and selected creative artists from the hip-hop scene. The music journalist has also recorded his favourite chapters on the audiotape. He also conveyed the idea behind the book that is part of the audio box. “In this book, we combine the freedom of a road trip and give hip-hop culture a space far away from concerts and album releases,” he stated. These will be available limited to 50 copies only.

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Porsche shared how in the 70s and 80s, tape players revolutionised music listening worldwide and how the first versions of a portable cassette player rapidly became the lifestyle object of an entire generation, always closely linked to the international hip-hop movement and the mixtapes of early rap crews.

The luxury carmaker is also trying to tap new methods to attract young customers and hence it will be setting up a new range of experience studios which the company claims will be different from traditional dealerships. Porsche has already set up these experience studios in Asia and Europe and aims to open its first US studio early next year. 



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