Bugatti launches champagne bottle in carbon case inspired by La Voiture Noire


Bugatti had entered a partnership with Champagne Carbon in 2018 and both the companies have together revealed a 15-liter La Bouteille Noire champagne bottle in a hand-crafted carbon fiber case inspired by the one-off hyper sports car La Voiture Noire. The sports car was inspired by one of Bugatti’s most legendary historic model, the Type 57 SC Atlantic.

The 15-liter carbon fiber bottle took 150 hours of craftsmanship for making, involving 37 steps. It is kept in a sculptural case which draws inspiration from La Voiture Noire and the flowing elegance of the Type 57 SC Atlantic. The carbon fibre case features pure surfaces and clean lines with its visual flow of being entirely uninterrupted.

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The champagne case features 314 individual sheets of prepreg carbon fiber. On the inside, it features an automatic solid-state thermodynamic cooling cell – normally found in orbiting satellites – together with 14 high-end fans circulating cool air within the case.

La Bouteille Noire bottle, which is a 2000 Vintage blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir, sits upon an illuminated vivid red base, which is a miniature recasting of La Voiture Noire’s rear light. It has been recreated for the case using a block of sanded acrylic glass, illuminated in red LEDs, incorporating the letters of Bugatti over a surface of brushed natural aluminum.

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To open or close the case, one has to push a stainless-steel button. The door have been trimmed with a piece of laser cut aluminum, mimicking the central fin of the Type 57SC Atlantic, and open with technical hinges and a bespoke transmission to reveal a sumptuous interior. As the doors open, another automatic system releases the neck of the bottle, which is secured while closed.

Fine Havana Brown grain leather lines the interior just as it does in La Voiture Noire. “With a creation as spectacular as ‘La Bouteille Noire’ it was only right that we pair it with one of our most spectacular vintages,” said Alexandre Mea, CEO, Champagne Carbon.

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