Bugatti Chiron Super Sport enters final development stage with high-speed tests


Bugatti Chiron Super Sport has entered the final stages of development before the sports car maker starts producing the first models by hand in Molsheim, France. Bugatti will produce only 30 units of this hyper sports car which will be delivered to customers from end of August 2021 onwards.

In the final stage, the Chiron Super Sport is being tested on high-speed test-drives to fine-tune it for speeds beyond the 400 km/h mark. Experienced engineers are giving the Bugatti sports car finishing touches with tuning drives, in order to achieve a combination of speed, luxury and comfort, even beyond the specified top speed.

During the high-speed test-drives conducted over several days, the engineers will fine-tune the mechanics, damping, and aerodynamics of the vehicle. “We are now refining the handling of the vehicle at up to 440 km/h to allow the it to perform with uncompromising safety, even at this incredible top speed, and give the driver a good, and above all, safe feeling at extremely high speeds,” explains Jachin Schwalbe, Head of Chassis Development at Bugatti.

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Lap after lap, all in top speed mode, multiple technical modifications and optimizations are possible. Various parameters can be modified and compared based on variable settings for the rear wing angle, vehicle height, damping, and electrically assisted steering. Up to six engineers then discuss the perfect setup.

Bugatti is also using some 100 additional sensors on the Chiron Super Sport to measure temperature and pressure. “With the incredible power output and high speeds, the uplift and the thermodynamics change depending on the different pressure levels. We therefore monitor all the parts at top speed and full load, and then optimize them if necessary,” explains Michael Bode.

Priced at a staggering 3.2 million euros (roughly converted to around 28.50 crore), the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport commands a lot of respect for those who love fast cars. This one is too fast for any car that is street legal, and hence the premium.

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