Bengaluru braces for petrol at ₹100. Check latest rates in major cities


Petrol rate is tantalizingly close to hitting a century in Bengaluru and on Wednesday, a litre of the fuel was at 99.89. A 26 paise hike has led to petrol price in Bengaluru nearing ever closer to triple digits, a mark that has already been breached in many parts of the country.

While petrol is closing in on 100 per litre in Bengaluru, diesel isn’t too far behind and will cost commuters 92.66 here.

Mumbai is another major city where petrol has already moved well past 100 and on Wednesday, was at 102.82 per litre while a litre of diesel was at 94.84. Delhi still has one of the more ‘affordable’ rates of fuel for any metropolitan city and a litre of petrol and diesel here are at 96.66 and 87.41, respectively. In Kolkata, the rates are at 96.58 for petrol and 90.25 for diesel while in Chennai, the rates are 97.91 and 92.04.

Petrol touching triple-digit mark in many parts of the country has been a major concern for people at large, many of whom have complained of household budgets being sent for a toss. With diesel too inching towards a century – the fuel rate hit 100 in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar, it could further hike expenses.

Petrol and diesel prices have been on the rise with dogged determination since the early days of May. Oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan recently admitted that it is a problem for consumers but also chose to highlight the need for his government to save funds for various welfare schemes. (Read full report here)

Central taxes and state levies form the bulk of factors that determine the final selling price of petrol and diesel to consumers. In Covid-19 times, when lockdown restrictions have hit coffers, it is unlikely that the current surge in fuel prices is likely to be arrested any time soon.

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