Assam mechanic turns old Maruti Swift into ‘Lamborghini’; to make ‘Ferrari’ next


A motor mechanic from the Karimganj district of Assam has converted an old Maruti Suzuki Swift into a ‘Lamborghini’ replica by spending a little over six lakh rupees, Hindustan Times (HT) reported. It took him nearly eight months to modify the Swift to make it look similar to sports cars from the Italian brand.

31-year-old Nurul Haque, who runs a garage in Bhanga Bazaar area of the district, is a fan of Fast & Furious movies. He has been passionate about driving the likes of Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The idea to convert a Swift into a replica of Lamborghini occurred to him last year during the Covid-induced lockdown, when he didn’t have much work to do.

Maruti Suzuki Swift (HT Auto photo)


1197 cc|Petrol|Manual

Ex-showroom price


Maruti Suzuki Baleno (HT Auto photo)


1197 cc|Petrol|Manual

Ex-showroom price


Maruti Suzuki Ertiga (HT Auto photo)


1462 cc|Petrol|Manual

Ex-showroom price


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Haque bought a second-hand Maruti Swift and entirely removed its body frame. He then started building parts similar to that of a Lamborghini vehicle with the help of YouTube videos. He also had a buy some raw materials for the process. “I didn’t realise that it would be a costly affair. From buying the engine… to giving it the final shape, the total expenditure was around 6,20,000,” Haque told HT.

Side view of the modified vehicle. (Image sourced from HT Correspondent)
Side view of the modified vehicle. (Image sourced from HT Correspondent)

After posting images of his modified ‘Lamborghini’ on social media, Haque became a celebrity among the locals. He was recently invited by a local institution for the inauguration of his vehicle. However, he isn’t sure if such a vehicle modification is legal and if he will be able to take his vehicle for a ride. “I hope the police won’t arrest me and seize my car,” he said. In fact, he has already appealed to the local administration to let him drive his car across the state but the officials said “only government can give permission”.”

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Haque is also open to selling his car but there is one condition. He wants to sell to someone who is as passionate as he is about sports cars. “It has to be someone who understands the value of this model. Only a sports enthusiast can relate to my passion,” he said.

This is not all. Haque wants to develop a Ferrari replica next but his next move will depend on his experience with his first modified vehicle. “If the local administration grants me the permission to ride this car, I am going to make more of these models,” he said.

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