A Tesla Model S Plaid with a quad-motor powertrain is likely. Know more about it


Tesla garnered a lot of attention with the Model S Plaid. The US electric car manufacturer could have produced a quad motor Model S Plaid, but it stuck with three motors. However, there is a chance that the automaker will bring a quad-motor Model S Plaid in future, reveals a report by MotorTrend.

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A quad-motor setup onboard a Tesla Model S will make the luxury electric sedan more powerful and give more traction. The current Model S Plaid already comes with a sub-2.0 second timing to reach 0-96 kmph. A quad-motor setup will make the car even faster.

The current Tesla Model S Plaid gets three electric motors. Two of them powering each rear wheel and one at the front axle generating energy for the front-right wheel. The electric powertrain churns out a total power output of 1,020 hp of power and 1,423 Nm of torque. This means each motor produces 340 hp of power and 474.33 Nm of torque.

An extra electric motor at the front axle generating power for the front left wheel will boost the power output to 1,360 hp and torque output to 1,897 Nm. This will give the electric car more traction and performance. However, the EV maker didn’t feel the need to launch a quad-motor Model S Plaid this time.

With the carmaker stepping up the game and constantly thriving to touch new benchmarks, a quad-motor Model S Plaid could be a reality in near future.

Adding an extra motor will come with some disadvantages as well. The added weight of the fourth motor will increase the overall weight of the car, resulting in decreased range. This will reduce the size of the frunk further. Besides that, there will added cost and complexity as well.

But, Elon Musk and his company are famous for their constant push to breach new barriers. In that case, Tesla might come with a quad-motor Model S in future.

The Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster would get the same triple-motor system as the Model S Plaid. Also, we might see the Cybertruck and Roadster receiving the quad-motor setup as well.

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